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Our dedicated team of professional Salt Lake City property managers specialize in single and multi family rental properties throughout Salt Lake County. Whether you own a single rental unit or a vast portfolio, FRE Property Management offers a service that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why FRE?

All Salt Lake City Utah property managers are not created equally. Come see how our unique approach to property management will help you find better tenants, protect your property, and earn more rental income than ever before. The difference just may change the way you think about property managers.

Educational Resources

New to Salt Lake City Utah rental properties and just want some answers? Our Property Management Education center will answer many of your general property management questions, explain how we approach common challenges, and teach owners and tenants what to expect when renting a home in Utah.

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At FRE, we believe in giving rental property owners what they want. To us, this means allowing owners to customize their own management plan by picking and choosing only the services they need. We find that this keeps costs down and owners happy.

Simply start with one of our three base packages, add any additional services you require, and you have a property management plan tailored to your specific needs.

Not sure where to begin? Which of these best describes you?


Our needs-based approach will create the perfect management solution for everyone including owner’s who can’t sell, fed up landlords, apartment owners, and even institutional investors. Whatever your Utah property management needs are, we can help.

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If you’re like most people, you’ll start comparing Salt Lake City Utah property management companies through research. When you do, you’ll find a lot of the same thing – the same services, the same pitch and the same promises.

We’d rather talk about what makes us different. It’s the thousands we’ve invested in technology to bring you the latest advances in our industry. It’s our loyalty pricing that saves you more money the longer you remain a client. And it’s the fact we return your calls immediately and do what we say, when we say. After all, we are real estate investors ourselves and know from experience what defines good property management. Based squarely on our own successes and failures, we’ve put together a management plan that really works.

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Don’t know all that much about Salt Lake City Utah property management and just want to learn? This is where you’ll find your answers.

  • Owners - we’ve written dozens of articles for your benefit, covering landlord issues, management tips and tricks, and even how to choose a property manager.
  • Landlords - you can stay up to date on Utah landlord/tenant law, leasing tips, and much more by visiting our property management blog.
  • Tenants – we haven’t forgotten about you either and provide how to maintenance tips, information about tenant’s rights and much more.

Download our owner information packet and view our pricing structure and you’ll receive a FREE property management quote and rental analysis!